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Artist's Statement 

One day, In the Spring of last year, I busied myself with house-cleaning. As I walked back and forth, tucked things away, the television mumbled throughout the house. Not having my full attention, though disclosing to my inattentive ears; a discussion. In and out of rooms I went… back and forth… until I heard something in the midst of all the chatter that stopped me. I wondered at the attention it demanded and the power it contained. What was it? Music – the vessel from which this music poured forth was Susan Boyle; a contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent.”  
Before she took her spot on the stage, she was dismissed as a mere spectacle [a dreamer] possessing nothing worthy of praise. The initial attention she received was from those who awaited ‘a good laugh...’ and then, she sang. The cameras glanced over the audience and captured their reaction to her voice as it danced in their ears, moved them to tears, laughter, [and yes] praise.
In that speck of time I realized several things; Simple conclusions; a likening me to the Apostle Thomas who had to touch Christ’s wounds in order to believe in the resurrection. In that moment I had stuck my finger in Christ’s side, and I knew… Beauty does exist. As well, it was apparent that it was rare, yet recognizable to ‘all.’ Finally, I noted that it was threw art [music] that something otherwise invisible became real. 
What a gift – to make that which ‘is’ visible to another soul. How great might the reward be – to succeed in such an endeavor? 

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance

Artist bio 

Stacey Evangelista resides in Sioux Falls, SD.  Drawing since the age of 4, she has steadily been developing her skills as an artist. Today her subjects are primarily the human figure, but not limited to. In 2010 Ms. Evangelista had her first solo-show at the Washington Pavilion, Visual Arts Center.
“…her work reveals a sophisticated understanding of painterly expression and a deep appreciation of art history… Through dedicated practice and independent exploration of the sheer pleasure, beauty and power of painting, she has transformed her natural talent into a facility with paint that allows her to quickly and solidly render the subjects before her with decisive energy and diverse techniques.”
Washington Pavilion, 2010

Recent Awards/Shows

2013 Faces of Suite 310; Suite 310, 8RR Sioux Falls SD. Portraiture from Friday Night’s Portrait Sessions, (April 2013- June 2013)

2012-2013 Parallel Divergence: The Still Life & Portraiture of Anna Youngers & Stacey Evangelista (Dec 2012-Jan 2013)

2012 Take The Day; Washington Pavilion- Painting in Public & Auction (Oct 13, 2012)

2011 Take The Day; Washington Pavilion- Public Affair & Exhibit (Oct 2011 – Nov 2011)

2011 Represented Washington Pavilion’s “Take the Day” at the Sidewalk Arts Festival with South Dakota’s Priemere Artist Nanceyjane Huehl.

2011 Kaleidoscope, Virtual Art Gallery Exhibit Presented at the Governor’s Awards (February 16, 2011).

2011 March & April Guest Artist at Eastbank Art Gallery, Sioux Falls SD.

2010 Presentation at O’Gorman HS’ Art Club (ran by Gary Siska) 12/9/10

2010 Take The Day; Washington Pavilion- Public Affair & Exhibit (Nov 2010 – Feb 2011)

2010 Solo Show; Washington Pavilion, “Quiet Studies, by Stacey Evangelista”

2009 Washington pavilion – Arts Night, “Curator’s Choice Award.”

2008 Insight Marketing Design, Sioux Falls SD – Fundraiser/Auction, “Best of Show”

2007 Washington Pavilion – Arts Night, “Peoples Choice Award.” 3 way tie shared w/Lee McManus, & John Rychtarik


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