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Sketch Crawl

What is The Sketch Crawl?
Each artist is given a specially designed sketch book which contains a map of 5 locations, 5 5x7 sheets of mixed media art paper that has been stamped to ensure all work is done on the day of the event.  They then have  5 hours to complete the sketches of the 5 locations. 

When:  August 25
Artists Check-In:  9:30-10:00  at Zandroz, 209 S. Phillips Ave.
Sketching/painting: 10:00-3:30.
All artists then bring their books back to Zanbroz by 3:30 to be verified and put on display for the reception.  Artists will vote on their choice of books with a $25 award for artists choice. 

Maps of the locations will be available to the public all day at the SDAA table in front of Zanbroz

The locations chosen this year are:


Reception:  3:45-5:00 at Zanbroz Variety, 209 S. Phillips Ave.  where all sketch books will be on display and available for sell for $65.  All proceeds of the sale will go to the artist. 

This a rain or shine event.

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