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South Dakota Artists Alliance
Sketch Crawl

Full downtown Crawl

  • Great Outdoor Store 201 E 10th St
  • Fawick Park, 200 S 2nd Ave (where Statue of David is located)
  • Any sculpture in the Sculpture walk, Downtown, Uptown, or EastBank.
  • View from top of parking ramp, N. Dakota Ave & 8th St (located across from the downtown library)
  • Your favorite door on Phillips Ave from 13th St to 9th St.  (Address of door location must be listed on back of artwork)

What is The Sketch Crawl?

Each artist is given a specially designed tin which contains a map of 5 locations, 5 5x7 postcard sheets of mixed media or watercolor paper that has been stamped to ensure all work is done on the day of the event.  They then have 6 hours to complete the sketches of the 5 locations. 


$10 for members,   $15 for Non-SDAA members. 

Artists Choice Award is $65

When:  September 14

Artists Check-In:  9:30-10:00  at Zandbroz, 209 S. Phillips Ave. , registration fee due at check-in
Sketching/painting: 10:00-4:00.
All artists then bring their sketches back to Zandbroz by 4:15 to be verified and put on display for the reception.  Artists Choice Award will be awarded once voting is completed. 

Maps of the locations will be available to the public all day at the SDAA table in front of Zandbroz

Artists have 2 choices!  They can do the full crawl hitting locations throughout downtown Sioux Falls or stay on Phillips and do the 3 block crawl.
                                                           The locations chosen this year are:

Philips Ave 3 block crawl

  • The corner of 11th St. & Phillips

  • Zandbroz, 209 S. Phillips Ave.

  • Phillips Avenue Dinner, 121 S Phillips Ave

  • The corner of 8th St. & Phillips Ave

  • Orpheum Theater Center, 315 N. Phillips Ave

Reception:  4:30-5:30 at Zandbroz Variety, 209 S. Phillips Ave.  where all artwork will be on display and available for sell. 

All proceeds of the sale will go to the artist. 
This a rain or shine event.