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The Business of Art 

What exactly is the Business of Art?  Its preparing artists to present their work in a professional manner when advancing their art career.   All workshops are free to members and $6 each for non-members.  If you know of someone who would like to attend and isn't a member please forward this information. 

We will be presenting workshops with a total of 7 workshops.  In each workshop we will have a drawing for something artfully!  In the final workshop we will hold a drawing combining all participants, times the number of workshops they attended. The winner will receive a Leather Art Presentation case to use when next they present their work for an exhibit!!!  We will try and hold these workshops in various locations to equal out the traveling for artists. 

Please register below so we can get an estimate of the number attending.

Register if you will be in person, or want a recording.

Recordings are available for our previous workshops: 1. Branding Yourself, 2. Writing a Mission and Artist Statement,

3. speakers Ivy Oland and John Rychtarik

4th workshop; April 10; 6:30-8:00

Brookings Public Library, 515 3rd St, Brookings, SD,

You can also register for a recording if you can't attend

  • Writing your artist Biography   
  • Writing your artist resume
  • Pricing your artwork

5th workshop:  April 24; 6:30-8:00

Downtown Public Library 200 N Dakota Ave., Sioux Falls

You can also register for a recording if you can't attend however

this one would be best if attended in person

  • How to photograph your artwork

6th workshop:May 22; 6:30-7:45

 Watertown Public Library, 160 6th St NE, Watertown, SD

You can also register for a recording if you can't attend

  • Editing and resizing artwork for art calls as well as for websites

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