Steve Beaubien, Charter member,Sioux Falls  SD

Betty Beers,Brookings, SD
Cathleen Benberg, 
Charter member,Sioux Falls  SD

Chuck Bennis, Brookings, SD

Betty Beer, Brookings, SD

Corine Beving,  Watertown  SD
Roger Bommersbach,
Charter member,​ Bruce SD

Susan Brende, Wentworth, SD

Susan Brue,  Centerville SD

Liz Bowling,  Canton SD

Bonnie BrahmsHumbolt, SD
Diane BryanCharter member,​Sioux Falls  SD

Mary Buckmiller,  Sioux Falls  SD

Chris Cernetisch,  Burke SD

Laura Dahle,  Charter member, Watertown  SD

Judy Edenstrom, Sioux Falls  SD

Rodger Ellingson, Sioux Falls SD

​Stacey Evangelista,  Communication Coordinator,Sioux Falls  SD

Stacie Gehret, Sioux Falls, SD

Angela Hahn,  Sioux Falls, SD

Marilyn Halbleib, Baltic, SD

Jessie Rasche, Brookings, SD

​Charlene Fleming,  Willow Lake  SD 

​Collette Gesinger,  Event Coordinator, Sioux Falls  SD 

Nancy Giere,  Corydon, IA

Paula Greenfield, Sioux Falls, SD


Current Members of South Dakota Artists Alliance

Joy Halling, Watertown, SD

Eileen Halverson, Sioux Falls, SD

Connie Gisi Wagenaar Henning,  Webster  SD
​Rick Janssen, 
Vice-President, Charter member, Madison SD

Debra KrogerPresident, Charter member, Dell Rapids  SD​​

Glenn Krupka, Sioux Falls, SD

Cheryl Longseth,  Secretary, Sioux Falls, SD
​Carla Manning, 
Larchwood, IA

Andrea Mayrose,Brookings, SD
Jo Ellen McCarthy
Sioux Falls, SD

​John Nelson,  Charter member, Sioux Falls, SD
Kristin Peterson,  Luverne,  MN

James Pollock,  Charter member, Pierre, SD
Beth Prostrollo, 
Charter member, Sioux Falls, SD
​Stephen Randall,  Communication Coordinator, Charter member, Sioux Falls, SD

Jessie Rasche, Brookings, SD
​John Rychtarik, 
Brookings, SD

Sue Sasso,   Rapid City SD
​Bob Semrad,
Brookings, SD

Marilyn Schreurs, Baltic, SD
​Barbara Sparks, Sioux Falls , SD

Nan Venhuizen, Sioux Falls, SD

​David Warren,  Membership Coordinator, Baltic, SD

Hannah Wendt,Sioux Falls, SD 

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