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C M Cernetisch

Artists Bio:

Christine has been working in pastel for almost 40 years. The feel of pastel, the sound of it stroking across the paper, the bold, rich color, and mostly, the velvety luminosity are perfect for expressing her favorite subjects—mainly landscapes and pets.  
Workshops from several instructors such as Doug Dawson, Marla Baggetta, Donna Aldridge and Rita Kirkman are the main sources of education. She also regards working plein air as one of the best teachers of all, and gets out often for painting on her own or with other artists at ‘paint outs’.    
As an avid horseback rider, much of the material she paints is found in places that would otherwise be near impossible to access. It is these remote areas that she finds most intriguing; like a world all her own. Getting those ideas onto her canvas is the spark that keeps it interesting.  The light, the color and mostly, the feel of it. Also of the horses themselves, which have been a favorite subject since childhood. While out in these remote areas, she often stops to sketch, using those simple drawings along with the photos to make the scenes have more ‘life’. Living in rural South Dakota offers an endless supply of subjects!
When doing a commissioned animal, she not only wants to paint how they look, but how that owner describes the animal—their character, their mannerisms, and how the owner thinks of that particular pet, to get a feel for that special relationship. “I love painting people’s pets and horses; I know how deeply that love can be, and making something that is already a treasure is an honor!”
She has taught numerous classes, from children to adult.
Her work has been published in the book The Complete Photo Guide to Creative Painting, by Guhin & Greenman,
Saint’s Herold magazine, North Light magazine.  
She has won several awards including Sandpainters Art Club in NE, the Cherry Co. Fair Art Show
Artist’s Choice Award at the Harvey Dunn Paint Out 2017.   Her work can be found throughout the US.