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Andrea mayrose

Artist Biography

Born at the U.S. Air Force Academy to a mother from Florida and father from South Dakota, Andréa Mayrose spent her K-12 years on a dairy farm near Salem, SD. In 2006, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies with a citation in French from Harvard College. As an undergrad and in the years since, she has traveled extensively—to London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dublin, Barcelona, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Musoma, Tijuana, Nkhata Bay, Musoma, and Chobe. She lived and worked in Paris, France and Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, prior to becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer in Masamba, Zambia, from 2011-2013. There, she worked in Rural Education Development, as well as in health issues, including HIV and malaria prevention.

Stateside, her jobs have ranged from therapeutic wilderness counselor to case manager to dishwasher. They have taken her from North Wilkesboro, NC to Cooper Landing, AK; Cambridge, MA; San Diego, CA; Portland, OR, and Floral City, FL. In 2015, she returned to South Dakota, which is also home to her parents, seven siblings, and four nephews. She is now in her fourth year in Brookings, as a Residence Hall Director at SDSU.  She currently oversees Caldwell & Schultz Halls and loves living amongst college students. She has also taken classes in dance, painting, theatre, and writing at SDSU.

Throughout her nomadic wanderings, she has always had a love for sketching and painting, whether at an easel or on the back of a napkin at a restaurant. She studied under Maureen Gallace, Mark Stemwedel, Peter Reichardt, and Molly Wicks, as well others in community classes and workshops. She fell for charcoal as an undergrad, and its thick black strokes often make an appearance in her paintings and gesture drawings. The portability of watercolor made it a preferred medium for traveling across the world, but she has recently developed a taste for acrylic and oil painting. She also works in soft pastels. The role of drawing and painting in her life varies; at times, a sketchpad will hold a permanent place in her handbag, and she’ll dash out images frequently. Other times, she can go months without touching a brush. She alternates between quick, expressive sketches and planned, gridded paintings taking twenty hours or more. She finds that her academic foundation and career experience in the social sciences often infuse her more time-intensive projects.She loves depicting people and particularly enjoys loose gesture drawings, portraits, and figure drawing. Generally, her work remains in her private collection or is given as gifts to family members and friends; she has also displayed in exhibits at the Brookings Art Council and Cottonwood Bistro.  When possible, she draws with the “Lifers” figure-drawing group in Brookings. She joined the SDAA in 2018.  She considers herself a student of the arts, and she is deeply appreciative of the supportive environment and talented creators who surround her in South Dakota. She has found the Brookings community to be a great place to explore many forms of visual story-telling.